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wrote on 08.07.22 at 01:58
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Hello everyone,

I try to change the setting for "skip existing file". When I try to edit any general settings ("Datei / Einstellungen") and commit (by pressing the "OK" button), StreamWriter just crashes.

I can, however, edit the autorecord settings ("Datei / Einstellungen für automatische Aufnahmen") just fine, without any crash.

StreamWriter just performs flawlessly other than that and I couldn't be happier. I enjoy StreamWriter quite a bit, and am generally quite happy with it's functions.
Last time use was roughly 2 years ago, wanted to give it another spin this year.

Current version: 'Vivo' Build
OS: Win7 64bit SP1 (I know, I know … please don't judge and kindly read on :)
No bugreport written to my desktop, so I cannot attach anything here.

I am still on Win7, which is outdated and not MS supported and such, which I all know. And yes, I am trying to switch - switch to somewhere - but actually, switch where to?
Alternatives are scarce and far in between, since with Win 10 and above, I simply cannot get acquainted with computer reboots all the time. Trying Linux with Vine next. Until I am comfortable with migrating my productive system, the current Win7 installation just will have to carry through a little :).
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wrote on 07.01.23 at 16:34
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Dieser Beitrag dient nur dazu, auf der Startseite den SPAM zu verdrängen und die zuletzt aktuellen Themen wieder hervorzuholen.