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Connected clients:2079
Observed streams:9148
Streams in database:28270
Songs played last week:2865646

Subversion activities

streamwriter, rev. 75208.01.
  • Added Dutch translations
common, rev. 31908.01.
  • Added Dutch translations
streamwriter, rev. 75129.12.
  • This is the real version
streamwriter, rev. 75029.12.
  • This is version
streamwriter, rev. 74929.12.
  • Updated copyright
streamwriter, rev. 74829.12.
  • Updated libraries
common, rev. 31829.12.
  • Updated copyright
streamwriter, rev. 74714.12.
  • Added command line switch -autoloadrecovery
streamwriter, rev. 74605.08.
  • Credits to the Finnish translator
streamwriter, rev. 74531.07.
  • Added Finnish translations

streamWriter - the internet-radio recorder

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streamWriter is a free application for windows that records music broadcasted by internet-radiostations.

Current version:

To download streamWriter click here.


  • Record as many streams as you want at the same time (MP3/AAC)
  • Automatically record a wishlist's song when it's playing on a stream
  • Player for streams and recorded files
  • Track splitting with silence detection
  • Function for manual cutting of saved titles
  • Tracks are named by a given pattern
  • Short songs (ads) can be skipped
  • Writing of tags to recorded files
  • Script-based postprocessing
  • Applying of effects to recorded songs (SoX)
  • Integration of different audio encoders
  • Scheduled recordings
  • Stream browser
  • Multilingual (EnglishGermanFrenchSpanishPolishFinnishRussian)
  • Can be installed or used in portable mode
  • ...and much more!


streamWriter released29.12.16
streamWriter was just released. The list of changes is very short this time:
  • Added Finnish translations (thanks Tommi Raulahti!)
  • Minor bugfixes
streamWriter 5.4 released06.01.16
streamWriter 5.4 arrived! The following stuff was done:
  • Added French translations (thanks Europe12!)
  • Added possibility to import manual wishlist titles into automatic wishlist titles
  • Added function to convert manual wishlist titles to automatic ones
  • Logfile records are prefixed with the current date
  • Space key now focuses playing stream/saved song
  • Fixed Tab order in some windows
  • As always many other bugfixes