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wrote on 04.10.20 at 12:03
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Hi all,

A bit to my surprise, a search query like "This Love" (with having the word "love" within song titles so many times) is giving better results than a query like "Curfew" (with having that word that few times within song titles; one would say titles like that would be found better, precisely for that reason). (Is it because of "few" within that word "Curfew"?:-D)

With the latter query the results are cluttered, obfuscated and even overruled by results like "Cure" and "Curse" (and that really was not searched for), whereas with "This Love" many of the results include the word "love" indeed (also for titles not searched for), but many titles with "This Love" in it are still appearing. Moreover, with a combined query for "Curfew" and "Stranglers" a couple of entries for that Stranglers song show up, but with just "Curfew" these do not show up at all, so these results get overruled in that case.

On the other hand, with "This Love" appearing in the search results many times, so even with having the word "love" in song titles so often, this song is found, and this song, a Maroon 5 song most of the times, is found adequately, albeit accompanied by this title for songs that are not the Maroon 5 song at all - not even covers of it -, but we cannot blame the search engine for that, can we?

So, as a conclusion, I believe the problem that is experienced here is mostly because of the obfuscation of queries for items that are less common. Hence, my search experience is rather frustrating many times:-|, querying for items less common so many times as well - but for items that are still there in the data base often, only not showing up in the results, and then, subsequently, (sometimes) are found with a query somewhat adapted, narrowed or broadened. Meaning that you have to guess for the adequate query a lot of times.

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wrote on 19.10.20 at 20:34
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to make a long story short, streamWriter uses ElasticSearch as it's search backend and I am not very familiar with it. I know that it's not perfect but I don't want to touch the search function… If somebody reading this has experience with ElasticSearch I would have no problem letting this person optimize some things, but I won't try it, sorry:-(
LG/Best regards, Alex

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