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schrieb am 06.10.21 um 17:43 Uhr
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Is there a way to add a new category with an existing stream?
This because i want multiple recordings from 1 stream, but with a different filename.
I have on one radio station 3 different recording : Minimix / In The Mix and In The House.
At this point its only possible to configure 3 differt recording times, with the same filename.
Is my question do-able ? Fix-able in a new updated (by night) version ?
Or….is there a solution to it ?
Please help me out……tried various ways, nothing helped……

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schrieb am 07.10.21 um 14:08 Uhr
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Yes, that is possible. Add "&type=live.mp3" at the end to your second link and you have two unique links. For each link it is possible to make a record.
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schrieb am 08.10.21 um 12:26 Uhr
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So a stream of : would look in the new form : ???

To add the "new addition" will succeed, but it then says "stream unknown"….and no music is coming ??
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schrieb am 08.10.21 um 13:37 Uhr
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a friend helped me out ….. and probably is what u mean but here it is :

when adding a questionmark "?" directly behind the streaming url, you can put everything what u want behind it, to make it a sepearate url and you can program and name it separtly.

The standard link is :
and you have 3 differnt programs, which you want to "name 3 times differnt" we have found
this working :


as you see, after the " ? " you can put 'whatever you want' to make it clear for yourself.
Each link is timeable and nameable, before this i had to use 1 link and a general naming.

But thanx to the writer of the program who made this solution possible !
Thanx to friends for makin' me get it, how this all works !

Great program streamwriter !!