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schrieb am 22.07.23 um 01:32 Uhr
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What do I have to specify to allow a scheduled recording to create a single stream file without any breaks for title, album or artist changes?
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schrieb am 26.07.23 um 18:06 Uhr
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Hello DVDfan!

You can make a general setting for all streams or a setting for a specific stream.

General setting for all streams:
- "Menu" > "Settings…" > "Recordings"
- Deaktivate "Save separated tracks", "OK".

If You want this behaviour only for a specific stream:
- Right-click on the stream in streamlist (left part of the Streamwriter-window)
- Context-menu > "Settings…"
- in "Stream settings" dialog:
- "Recordings"
- Deaktivate "Save separated tracks", "OK".

Good luck!