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I really enjoy using your app. However, I have noticed that it does not work with Windows in the same way that other audio apps do. I use the Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones with my Windows computers, and they are able to pause audio when I take them off. I believe this is because the headphones send a pause command to the app that uses Windows audio APIs. When I put the headphones back on, the audio resumes playing. However, your app does not seem to receive this pause command.

I would like to see your app integrated with the Windows Media volume control pop-up. This would allow me to view the metadata of the currently playing media and control playback without having to open the app. Additionally, it would be great if your app could display native notifications in the Windows notification center, just like other Windows apps. This would allow me to see your app's notifications without having to open the app itself.

I would like to request that you look into these issues and see if there is anything that can be done to fix them. I would really appreciate it if you could make your app more compatible with Windows so that I can use it with my headphones without any problems.

Thank you for your time!
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joejoejo meinte:

However, I have noticed that it does not work with Windows in the same way that other audio apps do.

Ich sehe den Schwerpunkt dieses Programms eher in der Aufzeichnung bzw. dem Auffinden von geeigneten Streams mittels Datenbanksuche nach gewünschten Inhalten.

Die Wiedergabe scheint mir eher ein untergeordnetes Thema zu sein, weshalb vermutlich in dieser Richtung weniger Anstrengungen hinsichtlich des Zusammenwirkens mit Systemkomponenten zu erwarten sind.
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reutershagen is right, this would usually have a low priority.
Since the behavior regarding disconnecting/connecting a bluetooth headset bothered me as well I took a look at it and it should work as expected now (it's included in the newest build). If it does not, please report back.

Integration into the Windows media popup is something I might take look at in the future but don't wait for it:-[
LG/Best regards, Alex

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