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streamWriter sadly doesn't allow to add the ID3 information to an AAC file, whether the song is directly ripped from the stream or encoded via the internal encoder, FAAC.

I found a small tool "id3mtag" made by Marc Schoolderman/squell, that allows to easily write the id3 info to the AAC file. It's freeware and easy to use. I am not linking to the download site as I dont know how this board is reacting to external links, but you can find the tool easily on the internet.

1. download the tool and copy "id3.exe" to your harddisk. e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\streamWriter"
2. in streamWriter go to Settings -> Postprocessing -> Add… -> … processing after conversion to destination format -> here choose the "id3.exe" on your PC and click OK
3. in "Parameters" insert this line:
-1 -2 -t "%title%" -a "%artist%" -l "%album%" -g "%genre%" -c "%streamname% / %streamtitle% / recorded with streamWriter,id3.exe" "%filename%"

Now click on OK and the entry is saved as a default. To enable this task, you also have to click on the check box in the list. You can do this either per stream or as a general rule for all streams.

The tool id3.exe is freeware and the source code is available on github, so maybe the devs can implement this feature into a future version?

have fun