streamWriter is open source and completely free. You will never have to pay for streamWriter or support at the board in the future. This is because I like free, open-sourced software and because I want to contribute something to this community.

Unfortunately I have to pay for the server that runs this website and the streamWriter-server in order to make the streambrowser and automated recordings using the wishlist available. Also the development of streamWriter consumes a lot of time after evening and at the weekend.

It would be very nice if you support streamWriter. Every donation, no matter the amount, is keeping streamWriter and it's website alive and supports further development. There are several possibilities to make a donation which are listed here.


To make a donation using PayPal please click the following link: Donate using PayPal


To make a donation using Flattr please click the following link: Donate using Flattr


Moreover there is a wishlist at Amazon. If you don't want to donate money but something else this is the right thing for you. Money helps keeping the monthly costs payed but donating something from this wishlist might increase my motivation even more! To donate using Amazon please click the following link: Wishlist at Amazon



Donations by mail using a letter are also appreciated. You can find the address using the "About" menu above.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer

If the mentioned possibilities do not meet your requirements you can still donate using bank transfer. I don't want to publish my account data here, please contact me by e-mail (you can find the address using the "About" menu above).