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wrote on 18.12.21 at 16:30
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I schedule some batch runs to capture programs that I can't listen to real-time. I use a combination of powershell and bat files to start streamwriter, and then some record-from-soundcard software, and then a timer to close things down after the appropriate time has elapsed.

Here is a sample batch file that I start from a powershell script:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\streamWriter\streamWriter.exe" -p

Sometimes I get sound, and sometimes I don't. When the program starts WITHOUT sound, I cannot get it to produce anything even though I try other stations, try stopping and restarting the stream from the control buttons, etc. But then I manually restart (or automatically start streamwriter the next time a scheduled program starts) and everything works fine!

I am using (which I think is the latest?) on a Windows 10 64-bit system. I can provide the system details if that will help.

If someone knows what's going on, I'd be grateful to know.