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wrote on 12.11.21 at 03:09
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I upgraded both my Windows 10 (to 19042.1348) and my streamWriter (to today,
and I believe that worked after I had completed it. I then was doing some experiments
that resulted in about three Windows hangs - I was trying to get VirtualBox to use raw
drives for a VM, and it went badly. After rebooting after the third hang, I noticed
that I didn't have an icon for streamWriter at the bottom. I found that it had been
started - TaskManager showed a background process running - but no UI was shown, and
it didn't show up under Apps at the top. I killed the task and restarted streamWriter,
and the pattern is almost the same - I sometimes get a new window with the following:

"You just upgraded streamWriter to version"

There's an "Apps" entry while this is present. When I click "Close" on that window,
the "Apps" entry goes away, the streamWriter background process takes about 30% of a
CPU, and no UI ever comes up. I am not sure if this was caused by either update or
if an untimely crash did damage.

This has me dead in the water. What can I try to get streamWriter back on the air?
Can I remove persistent data and restore my settings file?

Rob T
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wrote on 13.11.21 at 00:44
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I am back on the air. I had to update my Win7 machine's streamWriter config and export it,
and then uninstall it from my Win10 machine and nuke leftovers, and then reinstall and
import the config. I managed to figure out a few missing streams and reinvent the
scheduled recordings, and the streamWriter UI no longer shows previous recordings that
I haven't listened to yet, but that's affordable. Hints should this happen again would
still be useful.

Rob T