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wrote on 25.05.21 at 10:06
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Link for radio not work http://stream.rcs.revma.com/ypqt40u0x1zuv
I can't add this radio to stream writer. Add this radio from browser the same does not work.
The same problem is with Radio Zet, added from browser does not work. Working link below:
How to add Radio Nowy Swiat and Radio Zet to streamwriter.
Thank you for help me.
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wrote on 25.05.21 at 19:12
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Hello Piter!

All 3 URLs work fine for me in StreamWriter.
I pasted the URLs into the field "Playlist/Stream-URL" above the streamlist, pressed "Enter" and the streams startet to play, and they appeared at the bottom of the streamlist.
I am in Germany.
Maybe the streams get blocked where you are?

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wrote on 27.05.21 at 18:59
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Hello WernerG,
In my Windows 10 after paste link radio to screenwriter and push enter my system run external player for radio and not add radio to list.
Perhaps is problem with my Windows 10 system 20H2 v2 and external player.
My external player is last full version Winamp 5.666.
I don't know how to resolve this problem.
Thank you for help me. Piter
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wrote on 28.05.21 at 13:20
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There are settings you should change to make StreamWriter play the streams and not open them in external Player.

Go to
„Menu” > „File” > „Settings…”
Then in the Settings-Dialog on the first page „Settings”, at the bottom, there are 2 Drop-down-Fields:
"Default action on doubleclick on stream:"
"Default action on doubleclick in browser:"

You can change these settings from "Listen to stream (external plaver)"
to "Listen to stream" (without the "(external plaver)")
or to any of the other actions if for example you want to start recording or just add the stream to the list.

The setting for "Default action on doubleclick in browser:"
will also change the action when you add an URL to the field "Playlist/Stream-URL" and press „Enter”

I hope that helps.