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wrote on 14.05.21 at 17:47
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Windows 10 pro x64, streamWriter version:, most settings still default, using the build-in AAC encoder which is downloaded via the options menu, fresh install.

I let streamWriter reencode the songs of a station from 256bps MP3-> AAC (Q:high). It works perfectly fine excet when the song contains special characters. Here are two examples: "Blank Embrace - Я Не Вижу Края", "Creation Vi - εἶδος".
When streamWriter finishes reading the song from the stream, it should start encoding the file but instead, it just copies the song into the destination folder and does nothing else.
The Log shows an error message: "Postprocessor "Convert file" failed"

I guess the external tool "FAAC" doesn't allow special characters. A workaround would be, in such a case, to rename the file to something (random) that FAAC can process and afterward rename the encoded file to its original name.

Maybe do the rename after all the other things are applied to the song, like apply the ID3tag or all the other tasks that are listed in "Processing after conversion to destination format", so the error will not also apply to the other tools used with this function.

tanks for this great tool, btw.