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wrote on 27.02.21 at 13:07
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i am using streamwriter Build 807 on Windows 10 professional (thanks for this great program)

Not sure if this is a bug, but maybe i can get some advice here how to figure out the problem.

streamwriter runs fine all the time, even for weeks (on my server which runs 24/7)

From time to time i have to restart my server (of course i stop streamwriter before), and then i face the issue that streamWriter freezes a few seconds after restart. the station list is shown, and then a blue circle shows up and streamwriter is stuck). I tried some stuff, like starting with admin rights, empty the recording directory, but the only thing that helps is to delete the streamwriter_data.dat file.
Only then streamWriter will start again, but i have to add all the stations again. Then streamWriter works fine again until the next reboot / restart.

Any idea what this is about? Any hints how to catch the cause of the freeze?

There is no streamwriter_bugreport.txt file created on my desktop ….

Thanks + regards, Butcher
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wrote on 28.02.21 at 08:40
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I am adding more information:

I faced this situation with older versions of streamwriter before. So i assume it is related to my environment. but now i want to find out, so i do not need to remember stations i need to add back in when starting from scratch with a new configuration after each reboot.

Checking with processexplorer while streamWriter is stuck it uses 1 CPU and about 350MB of working set (going up and down slightly)

Checking with tcpview there is a connection from streamWriter to

I ran procmon while streamwrite was starting. At some point in time, streamwriter created a thread which checks for the existence of lots of mp3 files in the recording directory, which all do not exist (because i already removed them or the recording directory itself).
"PATH NOT FOUND" is returned for all these "QueryOpen" requests.
In total, about 450.000 of these QueryOpen operations are issued.

After that, i do see some threadexit operations, and a periodically (once a minute) try of streamwriter to communicate with
issuing tcpcopy / tcpreceive requests, which are successfull, length 57 is shown as additional information.
But the GUI is frozen with the blue circle turning. No matter how long i wait, this does not

It looks like streamwriter rememberes what i recorded, so it is checking after restart. Maybe this big list of 450.000 entries is the reason for the freeze?
How can i clean up this list before i restart streamwriter? Or prevent this list of being created?

the size of my streamwriter_data.det is about 34mb

hope that additional information helps ….