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Hi Alexander,

first, thank you for the recent update!:-)

I run a ubuntu server (I386) with mpd, minidlna, upmpdcli and wine with Xorg package.
So far I can start StreamWriter with wine and SSH x-forwarding. It is running fine!
But when I stop the SSH session, Streamwriter also stops.

Streamwriter knows command line options for recording streams. So, would it be possible to start it totally headless without any graphical output?

With such commandline option different streams could be recorded by creating processes for each recording.

Best regards and keep save,

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wrote on 30.08.20 at 23:46
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the only possibility to keep streamWriter running is to start it detached from the session. Start it from inside something like byobu (just do sudo apt install byobu && byobu), screen or tmux and it keeps running after you close your session. Another possibility could be a systemd unit.
LG/Best regards, Alex

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