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wrote on 12.07.20 at 10:45
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Is is possible to get some custom text inserted into the filename for a scheduled recording?

The use case is I have setup scheduled recordings for different shows on a station but I don't know which show is in the file it is as I only have the main stream name in the file name - I would like to be able to insert the show name in the file name as well but I cannot see anything in the scheduled recording dialog box to allow this.
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wrote on 20.07.20 at 14:05
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If I understand your question correctly, the answer is YES.
I record different programs from the same URL at different times and they are uniquely named using the name of the show.
First, drag the 1st instance of your target URL into Streamwriter (the 'Playlist/Stream-URL' box). The 'trick' is to rename that 1st instance of the URL in the Streamwriter list to a SHOW NAME (e.g. TYB-The Lynx Super 70s <<< The Lynx Super 70s is the name of the show on The Lynx Super 70s URL) BEFORE you drag the 2nd instance of the URL into the list box (the 'Playlist/Stream-URL' box) and rename that one to another show name (or whatever your naming needs are). Then, setup each for their particular show schedules and the captured filenames will include the show names.

I hope that was clear.

Cheers from Nova Scotia, Canada