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wrote on 15.08.19 at 10:50
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I'm running build 7.66.

Now that has been released, I'm getting the following message when launching StreamWriter:

"Error / The server did not accept the handshake. Please update StreamWriter / OK".

The problem is that will not install on Windows XP.
I can cancel the error and the App still works (listen and record stations).

Is there a way to disable that message upon launch (although I don't think there is)?

Plus this update has now disabled from updating ("Refresh") the stations list on the build I am running!

Why is updating ("Refresh") the stations list for disabled?
Why have previous builds been disabled from contacting the server?

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wrote on 15.08.19 at 20:12
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This is intentional since I had to change some things on the server. Old builds are no longer supported, sorry.
LG/Best regards, Alex

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wrote on 08.10.19 at 17:10 last edited by SpID3rM4N on 08.10.19 at 17:16
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Hi alex.
I've just tried "Vivo" build 787 and I'm pleased to say that this version of StreamWriter is working nicely on Windows XP.
So whatever has been changed since your reply to my initial post, I'd just like to say thanks.