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Hi, just started using streamwriter and it does everything i Need perfectly. But the Format is records in I do not use, aac. So i tried converting the aac files with lamexp without success, lamexp throws Errors. Then I tried installing addons to let streamwrite do the converting but I get an error "unable to download files" after I accept all the "warning" Messages about licensing and stuff.

Tried running streamwriter as admin, tried the standalone, tried the installed Version, tried the newest build. I really like the program, but aac files arent of any use to me, i Need to convert them, any way to manually install addons or fix the Problem? thanks

// Ok I'm retarded. Sorry. Works. YOu can delete this post.

Thanks for the awesome, free program!
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Hallo electroaddict,

Posts can't be deleting!

Can you say what did you wrong or what you doing for all other users (learning about this) !?
And can you say what Windows version you are using ?

Thanks and have big fun with streamWriter!
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