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wrote on 16.03.16 at 12:19
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I am using streamWriter to time shift 1 hour programs. It does that well most of the time but when the programs are streamed consecutively it records a 2 hour MP3 instead of two 1 hour ones. The only way I have come up with to record them as separate files is to leave a gap between them but then I loose a minute from the end of one program or the beginning of the other.

Is there a setting that I have not discovered yet that will fix this?

Also, I don't see any way to split a recording up with the editor without loosing one or the other of the programs so I have been copying the 2 hour file, importing the copy and cutting each one separately. This is not too bad for just making 2 files out of 1 but if I was trying to save individual songs it would be extremely time consuming.
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wrote on 28.03.16 at 19:35
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Is there a setting that I have not discovered yet that will fix this?

No, if I understand you right you are using scheduled recordings. The problem is there must be a one minute gap.. It's a (stupid) limitation which would take much work to overcome.

Also, there is no function so "split" a file into two. Sorry to say that…
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