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First of all great programm ! I'm trying to get the songs of Radio Swiss Jazz I have 2 streams, one is aac ( one is mp3(

On all of the streams, the end of songs is most of the time good, but I just cannot get the beginning of the songs. I tried all kind of cut settings in the stream settings, (search for silence, use manual detection, append buffer start/end of 2000, adjust offset before/after of 2000, with the same resuls. Usually on this stream, the silences between songs is very short. Unless they advertise for the radio. I really need some help here. I used to have streamripper, but it was a pain in the neck to set-up.

many thanks

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wrote on 15.11.15 at 19:06
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Try increasing the value of "append buffer to start", try a large value like 20000ms and disable silence detection (you can re-enable it when you see that the beginning of the songs is there).
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