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wrote on 10.09.15 at 14:05
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I have streamWriter version and set it up to record a 2 hour program stream every Sunday. The program stream URL is:

So I added this stream to "Streams" tab..right clicked on the stream in the playlist..clicked "setup scheduled recordings"..and entered the required info. I tested the stream to make sure it worked and recorded and it did. I then closed the program. When I checked on Monday to see if it had recorded the scheduled program it did not.

So what did I do wrong? Was I supposed to have turned on the program on the day of the recording? Because I thought it would automatically turn on and record even if I didn't manually turn it on. Advice please and thanks.;-)
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wrote on 12.09.15 at 17:42
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If I understand your scenario properly, you setup your recording just like it supposed to be setup and after that, you _close_ streamWriter application and expect it to start automatically somehow when time is right?

If that is the case, then you're doing it wrong. When streamWriter is closed, there are no external triggers (at least I haven't seen any) to start streamWriter automatically at that time and do the trick…

So to make this right, you should keep streamWriter application running whole time.

Correct me if I did understood something wrong in your description…
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wrote on 13.09.15 at 08:22
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Hello Nightbird,

I think you forget Autostart settings "Start streamWriter on windows logon".

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wrote on 14.09.15 at 18:00
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If the problem persists take a look at the "Log" tab. At the time the scheduled recording should have started there should be a warning/error message.
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