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wrote on 15.06.16 at 22:16
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Dear users,
I have my pc scheduled for shutdown at nights, and startup in the morning.
If I did not exit from streamwriter application, it gives me a prompt saying "It seems that streamWriter has not been shutdown correctly, maybe streamWriter or your computer crashed. Do you want to load the latest automatically saved data?"
If I do not give Yes to this prompt then my scheduled recordings does not start.
How can I properly shutdown application with command prompt?
For startup I can use "streamwriter.exe -minimize" command, with same principle can we have -close or -exit command?
If I use taskkill command then I am getting the same incorrect shutdown prompt..
Please advice,
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wrote on 20.06.16 at 16:31
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this is a known bug and I tried several times to get it working but I was not successful. I think I cannot help you with this issue…:-|
LG/Best regards, Alex

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