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wrote on 09.06.16 at 07:59
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I just downloaded streamWriter on my computer (Windows XP SP3) and, when I try to load stations, I receive an "HTTP Error 503" in the Log file. When I visited the Board section of your website, there were numerous postings, yet I can't read German (the language the posts were written in) - the last English post I saw was dated 2011.

When I tried pulling up the English version of your FAQ, I was greeted with a "Fail" page.

Is streamWriter still under active development? If not, I'll simply un-install it and look for another streaming option.
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wrote on 09.06.16 at 17:12 last edited by Yo24hua on 09.06.16 at 17:14
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StreamWriter runs else on WIN-XP still very good.

There gives only problems with some antivirus-software (mainly with firewalls). There are otherwise no problems with viruses, i testet it with https://www.virustotal.com.

A small number of radiostation are obsoletet they will be automatically in some time deletet.

The FAQ pages are unfortunately actually somewhat disturbed and it is not being to be expected any changes for the time. Developing are also unknown time stoped/paused too.
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wrote on 30.04.17 at 21:08
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Hallo! Wahrscheinlich die Tatsache, dass die meisten Anti-Viren wahrnehmen .exe Dateien als Virus???
muss nicht sparen an der Sicherheit https://sureshotsoftware.com/guides/decrypt-m-subzero-aol-com/
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wrote on 31.07.17 at 23:44
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Ich stimme mit der letzten Nachricht! Sicherheit steht an erster Stelle, das ist ein ausgezeichneter Führer http://soft2secure.com/knowledgebase/aleta-ransomware