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wrote on 29.10.15 at 00:32
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Greetings! well met!
Gents, i'll get to the point: I hope i haven't missed something in the settings (checked both General and the Settings for the specific stream).

After a recent streamWriter version update everything i record (directly, NOT scheduled) is recorded starting aprox. 15 seconds later than the pressing of the recording button.
I hope i made myself understood :)

Why is that? What setting did i miss? I am using basic (default) streamWriter settings, no postprocessing. OS is Windows 10 Home standard.

Thank you, esteemed community and good luck and best wishes to mister Nottelmann!
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wrote on 02.11.15 at 19:10
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streamWriter always records what it receives from the point where it could connect to the station and there is no setting to configure this behavior. How did you make sure the recording starts too late Are you listening to the same stream using another software, then hit "Record" and check where the recording starts (using the stream-file, not separated recordings from the station)?
LG/Best regards, Alex

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