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wrote on 19.09.15 at 13:24
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The problem I have is that my StreamWriter runs on a Windows 10 system on my LAN that I use as a VPN/utility server.

When I connect to this server remotely from my desktop system using RDS(Remote Desktop Service), it causes StreamWriter to reset and stop/start any scheduled streams it is processing. This breaks any currently recording streams into two files.

So I am wondering if there is any way to run StreamWriter so that it does not get interrupted by the RDS logon process. Can it be run as a service? Can it run under a different user that is permanently logged on when the system is booted?


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wrote on 27.09.15 at 22:37
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streamWriter cannot be run as a service. But keeping it running in a user session is the way I do it and it always worked. I don't use Windows 10 and have no experiences regarding this topic with it, but this always worked for me using Windows XP, 2003 and 7. What can you see in streamWriter's log tab after connecting using RDS? Can you find anything in Windows' system logs using the "Event Viewer"?

Okay, after writing the text above I saw this:
Can it run under a different user that is permanently logged on when the system is booted?

You can use any user you want, but of course the user has to be logged on all the time. Logging off will close all applications includung streamWriter. Maybe there are third party tools to log a user on in the background and start an application in his session on boot, but this is very Windows specific and I don't know how to achieve this. A dirty but possible way is configuring auto login for a user and put streamWriter into this users Autostart folder. After login the session has to get locked (i.e. by an application in the autostart folder), I'm sure one can do this using a third party tool.
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I think I've found a solution.

1) First I created a new user account (non-Microsoft so no Microsoft account needed) and made it an Administrator.
2) Then from your usual logon account, do a Crtl_Alt-Delete and select [Switch User] and login to the new account.
3) Set-up Streamwriter to start in this account at logon and add in all yoiur stations and schedules (you can load your saved profile to do this quickly).
4) Once you have Streamwriter set-up, exit this account using the Ctrl-Alt-Delete by selecting [Switch User] back to your usual account.

The hook here is that you do not want to shut-down this computer - mine runs 24/7 as a server. If you do shut-down then you need to access the new account once each time you reboot the computer to restart Streamwriter.

Problem solved!

The directory where Streamwriter saves my streams is mapped into my main computer and I can then access these streams over the network for my iPod, local playing etc.