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wrote on 22.08.15 at 10:51
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Hello SW community :)
First of all, congratulation Alex for this marvellous little piece of art that StreamWriter is.
I'm using it all the times and have no intention to replace it as its interface is minimal, clean and easy to use.
I've noticed that there's no Italian translation so i thought..why not help out with one? :).
So, i've already started working on it via Lingus and will provide Alex with the files when ready.
Keep up the great work and looking forward to see more features added to it in the future.
Greets from Italy!

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wrote on 30.08.15 at 18:13
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thanks for your nice words and your interest in translating streamWriter:-)!
I'm really looking forward to your translations, when you're done just mail them to me.
LG/Best regards, Alex

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