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wrote on 18.10.14 at 11:21
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hi! my name is tyrone thompson, and am a first timer with streamwriter. i'm loving this software, it's so easy to use with a screen reader, a program that reads back what's on screen. anyhow, was wondering, was there an add-on or something where i can play mor streams? streams like sovcomm, or surfernetwork, which are asx, wma, asf, or something of the sort. i'd like to record something from those stations. here are a few examples

any help would be greatly apreciated! thanks a bunch!
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wrote on 20.10.14 at 12:49 last edited by alex on 20.10.14 at 12:50
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nice to hear that you like the application:-)! I'm sorry, but sW can only record AAC and MP3. Other formats are not supported.
LG/Best regards, Alex

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