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wrote on 06.05.14 at 21:47
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I have used streamwriter for years to record songs from radioparadise. I do this about once a year. Trying it now, streamwriter is no longer skipping songs in the ignore list. I have tried adding radio paradise several different ways. I have tried using both a global and stream ignore list. Nothing seems to work. I can't see any difference in how the songs are named compared to what they looked like in the ignore list. I have tried streamwriter 3, 4 and 5. This used to work with version 3 and 4 but now it doesn't.

I've been trying to solve this for a few days but I can't think of anything else to try.
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wrote on 09.05.14 at 22:52
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send my your streamWriter-profile using eMail (the address is located in the "about" section in the navigation on top). Then I can check why it doesn't work - helping on the forum in this case is kind of hard… Please understand, it might take some days for me to help you on this issue because I don't have that much time for streamWriter.
LG/Best regards, Alex

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