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wrote on 29.12.10 at 22:37
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Hi.. Can anyone tell me where is the settings and playlist file? i would like to make a backup beacause once it happened to me to lose all the stations(i think it's a bug). or is there a registry key that stocks all this data?
Thank you. :)
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wrote on 29.12.10 at 23:00
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When running in portable mode, everything is contained in streamwriter_data.dat, located in the same folder as streamwriter.exe - if streamWriter was installed, just open up the explorer and enter %APPDATA% into the addressbar and hit return. There should be a folder named "streamWriter" that contains the streamwriter_data.dat file. Only application-settings (things you can change from the settings window) are stored in the registry, everything else is contained in this file.

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