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wrote on 26.07.13 at 02:02
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Hi all,

How exactly does StreamWriter detect adds?

If adds get put on the end of a song whats the best way to remove them in baulk?


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wrote on 26.07.13 at 08:44
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Hi califauna,

StreamWriter cannot really detect ads, it just assumes that tracks that have a length smaller than a few seconds are most probably commercials. Thus, it's impossible to detect adverts with certainty. But usually it's not a problem because you easily can have a look on file names of recorded tracks, as nearly all radio stations tag advertising info with "ad" or something similar.

If there are ads or jingles attached to the start or end of a music track (which means there's no change in streamtags), I think current it's impossible to detect those cases automatically and cut it off - unfortunately …