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wrote on 15.08.19 at 10:50
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I'm running build 7.66.

Now that has been released, I'm getting the following message when launching StreamWriter:

"Error / The server did not accept the handshake. Please update StreamWriter / OK".

The problem is that will not install on Windows XP.
I can cancel the error and the App still works (listen and record stations).

Is there a way to disable that message upon launch (although I don't think there is)?

Plus this update has now disabled from updating ("Refresh") the stations list on the build I am running!

Why is updating ("Refresh") the stations list for disabled?
Why have previous builds been disabled from contacting the server?

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wrote on 15.08.19 at 20:12
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This is intentional since I had to change some things on the server. Old builds are no longer supported, sorry.
LG/Best regards, Alex

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