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wrote on 08.03.19 at 06:22
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Awesome program!

This is running on a PC that reboots via power cycles a lot or does auto restarts. The pc is unmanned. Is it possible to add an option to automatically load saved config on reboot instead of a popup window?
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wrote on 10.03.19 at 16:59
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I ran into the same problem.
I have set my pc to reboot twice (sunday/wednesday) at 01:00am.
So, what I did was write a CLOSESTREAMWRITER.BAT file with the following lines.

cd c:\Users\MyUserName\Desktop\streamwriter
taskkill /IM streamwriter.exe

The Streamwriter app is located in \Desktop\streamwriter.

And I have added another TASK to run CLOSESTREAMWRITER.BAT at 00:50am.