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Hello everybody,

I just wanted to give you a small sign of "being alive and well", I think when I last posted here was many weeks ago.
I am really sorry that I don't have time to support streamWriter and its' users, the thing is that some friends and me founded a company and I have to invest every minute of my spare time into that project. I hope to find some time for streamWriter in the future but that won't be the case in the next weeks or months.
Of course I will make sure the streamWriter-server and the website will be up and running in the future but at the moment that's all I can do.

Also I want to use this post to thank those people who are active on the board and help other users. Thanks a lot for your willingness to help!

Kind regards,

LG/Best regards, Alex

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wrote on 14.01.18 at 14:23
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Thank you for keeping streamWriter up and running Alex!
StreamWriter is the best Internet Radio Player ;)