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schrieb am 17.05.22 um 18:05 Uhr
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It seems that recordings can be stored into PC internal hard drive only.
I wonder if and how it can be done to external devices too.
Thanks for anybody's help.
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schrieb am 17.05.22 um 19:09 Uhr
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Hello ruggero!

It seems that changing the destination folder to an external drive works only for automatic recordings of songs, but not for recordings that get started manually or by a sheduled timer.
(Setting in File > Settings… > Filenames > Folder for saved songs: )
And the setting will be removed and restored to previous destination folder after restarting StreamWriter.
That may be useful to prevent mistakes when the external drive gets removed or changed to a differnet driveletter after a system restart.
I tried a workaround by creating a "Symbolic Link" to a folder on an external drive.
In most cases programs accept such a "Symbolic Link" as if the target folder was located where the link is located on your internal drive, but StreamWriter resolves this link to the real external driveletter.
So this a not-working workaround…
But… are you sure that StreamWriter would always find the external drive with the same driveletter, if it accepted such a destination folder?
Maybe some else knows a solution?

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