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schrieb am 10.02.22 um 22:02 Uhr
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Hello guys, I have been using Streamwriter for many years now and still love it dearly. I have come back to use it this evening and it told me that a new update was available! Great! I clicked on download…. Error. I tried and tried. Even using the check for updates from the menu, but still the same… Error. I have even had to create a new user account as I could not remember my original password (I sill use the same laptop, and that automatically logs me in each time) and there is no option to recover your password for your account! But even now, it still says error when I try to update.
Please advise on this, as I would love to keep my Streamwriter up to date.

Thank you so much for the effort you have put into the software over the years, and thank you for your time, and any advice.

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schrieb am 26.03.22 um 11:45 Uhr
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Kentwan meinte:

your password for your account

Mir ist nicht ganz klar, welches Passwort von hier aus mitgeteilt werden soll.
streamWriter läuft eigentlich ohne irgendwelche Passwörter.
Bei der Installation kann eventuell eins notwendig sein, was jedoch mit dem Computer zu tun hat, weshalb von hier auch kaum geholfen werden kann (insbesondere wenn das Betriebssystem nicht genannt wird).

Alternativ schlage ich vor, streamWriter portable zu nutzen, das sollte ohne irgendwelche Passwörter möglich sein.
Alle Updates sind abrufbar über die Downloads unter
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schrieb am 02.05.22 um 18:06 Uhr
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Hello, I am using the latest build of Windows 10 if that is any help? I still cannot update the program. I was talking about the password that i log into the program with, but if you say that it is not nessary or required, then it seems a bit odd. The previous version still seems to work fine, so i guess i will carry on using that. We have a new radio station here in London, and are using this to record the shows. I hope that it continues to work as well as it does now. I will be sure to leave a donation towards all the hard work of the team.
Many thanks as ever,
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schrieb am 14.07.22 um 03:29 Uhr
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StreamWriter has been unsuccessfully trying to update on startup for months on my computer. Every time it starts the window asking if I want to update and when I click it says "Error".

The problem with this is that I have StreamWriter in the Startup list on a computer that I don't use every day for recording but if Windows decides to reboot the computer this prevents StreamWriter from opening properly and if I don't notice and tell it not to update it doesn't record when scheduled.