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I am a new Streamwriter user. Having downloaded it yesterday, it does exactly what I need it to do. I ran the .exe file to install it, then loaded a few of my favourite streams and started to record them. All worked perfectly. However, when I re-run the .exe file to fire it up again, I have to reload the streams. I can't see where on my PC the file exists to allow me to re-load the program without having to re-install it. Can anyone advise how to "save" the program including any streams that have already been loaded (usually after installation of a program, a shortcut is added to the desktop, but I can't find one anywhere).
Hope you can help.
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the installer should create an entry in the windows start menu. Otherwise you can just run it using windows explorer for example by navigating to "C:\Program Files (x86)\streamWriter" if you installed it there. It is not required to reinstall streamWriter just to run it.
LG/Best regards, Alex

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Thanks for your reply. I looked for all of the things that you suggest, and none of them is present. However, I have since discovered that by checking the relevant boxes in 'Settings' (eg 'Remember streams that were recording on exit'), re-running the .exe file does the trick, and my streams are all there. It's strange that there is nothing in the Windows start menu, but as there is a workaround I am happy.;-)
Thanks for taking time to reply.