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Looking back in after a few years; I see some good stuff has been happening.

I see from looking at the forum history that this is an ongoing topic for which there doesn't seem to be a lot of traction. This single feature would likely make the program a much better candidate for broadcasters needing a logging recorder, which is a surprisingly difficult role to find software to fill, from what I've seen.


Request For Enhancement:

In addition to the program being able to split recordings by Song title (based presumably on a thread monitoring the Now/Next data from the streaming provider), It Would Be Nice If the program had a third option (in addition to Continuous and Song-Split): Time-Split.

Suggested Implementation:

Recordings start whenever they start. At the top of each hour, start listening to the passing stream looking for silence (or whatever alternate approach here is in keeping with the internal architecture)…

When silence is detected, or when a user-configured number of seconds has passed after top of hour without workable silence, split the stream, starting a new record file and closing the old one.

Ancillary Request:

Add a log entry showing when a recording is started, and giving the full pathname of the record file. The program currently shows when it's split for a song title, but not otherwise, and doesn't log the pathname at all. Probably also a log line for the closed file, noting the filesize.

This is high enough on my personal priority list I'd pay for it, and promote it among my broadcasting compatriots (I'm in about 9 broadcasting groups, comprising over 20,000 professional broadcast engineers).

Second Ancillary Request:

How hard would it be underneath to make the program record from local Windows audio sources, too? Can it already do that?
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since this is a lot of work and I don't think that feature is that useful for regular users I won't implement this, sorry:-|. Also recording from Windows audio output is not possible.

I once built a specialized version of streamWriter that was sold to a radio broadcaster, I think it split the stream into separate files by a user defined time-interval. If there is interest for this contact me via email.
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