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I recorded songs from
In settings, I switched on "postprocessing"/"write tags to recorded songs", and put %t in "Title" field.

The problem is that the title tag actually written to the mp3 gets incorrect (streamwriter replacess letters with "?", it seems it doesn't recognize special charecters).

(note: File names of the mp3 files are ok (again i use %t))

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I took a look at it, it looks like AudioGenie (the DLL used for tagging) does not handle this right, so there is not much I can do about… sorry:-|
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This is a problem with Regular Expression, stream sends never "ARTIST - TITLE" Format!

You must set following to "Stream settings -> Recordings -> Advanced" in "Regular Expression to add" field:


That "(?P<a>.*)" parameder definition will be ignored internal but must set!

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