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* I'm hoping this can be added to the next release update.

* Basically> there are probably alot of people that use this software to rec tracks off stations.

Also… I'm sure everyone also finds their own radio stations / URL's that they add to Stream Writer as I do.

Would it be possible to have streamwriter collect all the Radio stations people have saved in their stream list and then add them continually to stream writer as they become available?

This would save some time in finding new stations manually> Although stream writer has plenty to chose from> I think everyone here would benefit with having reliable stations that could be rated as well, from within stream writers station list.

That way…lets say If something happens to stream writer (sometimes I've lost 10-20 cool stations urls when recording them, because of stream writer being shut down improperly etc)…if they're automatically saved in Stream Writers Station List> then after I can just look them up and re-add them to my recording station streams.

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This already happens if you did not switch off the option "Submit information about streams to the server" in the settings-window in the category "Community". The stream-urls will be sent to the server and the server integrates the streams into the streambrowser if they seem to be valid. Usually, streams that are okay appear 1 or 2 days after submission to the server in the streambrowser (a refresh of the browser is required, otherwise the streamlist gets reloaded after 7 days automatically I think).
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*Ok, ya that would help alot, I've had stream writer erase all the Stream Rec list once, and I had to start over and search them all down..from all over the web, itunes etc> if they're all saved on stream writers Station list then that would be good, I could find them there.