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Hi all,
I am recording my favorite radio station with streamwriter. as a result I get, lets say, 100 mp3 files recorded with the time stamp of the recording. as my radio station plays continously and with music layovers, if I listen to the music according to the time stamps of the recording then all is like the original radio stream, in other words the songs are in the right order as they were streamed.

I now want to get such a continous radio music stream on my iphone. As soon as I import the 100 songs I loose the order in itunes, it goes alphabetical. This obviously destroys the original stream which must not happen.

So how can I import a radio stream with X files which is in time recording order into itunes without loosing the right order ?

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schrieb am 06.09.13 um 22:34 Uhr
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I don't have iTunes and cannot really help here. The only thing that comes to my mind is setting a customized pattern for filenames of saved songs. You could use something like "%s\%n - %a - %t" which would prefix every filename with a continous counting number. Maybe iTunes gets it right then?
LG/Best regards, Alex

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