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schrieb am 01.04.13 um 12:46 Uhr
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Hi everyone, I am new with StreamWriter but I think is a powerful and good done software.

But in case I have to change program to another computer there is no way to export the list of radios streams I have configured in my actual computer.

I think it would be very useful a export streams lists option with its own recordings hours and dates. With that option change from one computer to another it will be easier.

Thanks everyone and sorry for my english, I am from Spain.
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schrieb am 03.04.13 um 23:05 Uhr
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this would be possible but it is not that easy and I don't think many people need that feature. I could imagine something like synchronizing settings by using the streamWriter server but this would have a really low priority… Maybe something like this will be introduced in the future but don't wait for it… sorry.
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