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a lot of streams from 181.fm can be used by SW - but there are a lot more. I'm just filling my Christmas songs archive and would like to hear and stream 181.fm Christmas Power or 181.fm Christmas R&B or 181.fm Christmas Rock.
Where can I find the URL that SW needs to streams these stations as well?
Thanks for Your help and the excellent programm
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to add streams not available in streamWriter's browser, just go to shoutcast.com, search for the stream, and drag it into streamwriters list that contains your streams. This works for many streams, not only those listed on shoutcast (what you drag has to be a playlist or the direct url to an mpeg/aac icy stream). Alternatively, you can copy the URL, paste it into the addressbar and press the button on the right.
When streamWriter records the station, it submits it to streamWriter's database (if you enabled that option) so that the stream is available in the browser.
I added the streams you mentioned, so just search in the browser. But now you know how to do it yourself in the future;-)


LG/Best regards, Alex

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Many thanks!