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1. Get STREAMWRITER playing
2. Leave STREAMWRITER playing while I leave the computer and go do something else
3. After approximately 45 to 60 minutes of leaving it alone to play the BLUE SCREEN pops up and IU need to reboot

Now, I have tested leaving my computer alone playing music from RADIONOMY or without playing any music, just leaving it alone while I go do something else and the BLUE SCREEN does not show up. It is the second time I test without STREAMWRITER playing and I do not get the BLUE SCREEN.

Also, if I stay at the computer and do some stuff, like Email, Excel etc. while listening to STREAMWRITER; the Blue Screen dos not pop up. The Blue Screen only pops up when STREAMWRITER is playing while the computer is left alone.

How can this be solved?

PS: this began in late December 2011. I had been using STREAMWRITER since July 2011 without any issue up to December. Lately it has been worsening as the Blue Screen seems to be popping up now all the time every day if I leave Streamwriter playing while doing something else.
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Are you using the newest build 363? Some stuff introduced at the end of last year is suspected to be causing these problems, I removed these things in 363. So your build number and operating system is important to know for me.
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