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I added support for mp3 encoding thru the setup of streamwriter. It downloaded file "addon_lame.dll".

Alas, This file was detected by Comodo Internet Security as "Malware@#3gvpc87msqsd8" and therefore was removed.

I tested the file on, And it passed ok on all antivirus engins, but "McAfee-Gateway" engin reported it as "RDN/Generic.hra!by" virus.

Any ideas ? Are these False reports ?

Can i replace the file with the lame dll from, latest version ? (32/64 bit ?)

thanks !
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these are false positives. There were other threads about this topic, but they are in German:

I'm sorry but you cannot use the version from, because streamWriter needs it as a DLL file which is extracted at runtime. Anyway, the DLL includes the version from rarewares, so the result will be the same. Add an exception to your antivirus and use the DLL, you can see "lame.exe" by opening the folder %temp%\streamwriter\addon_lame in windows explorer when streamWriter is running and the LAME addon is enabled.
LG/Best regards, Alex

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