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Good Morning Community
My first post here is a question, related to the Stream URL Database.
I might be wrong, but I understood that the List of Webradio URL's in the database is a mix of presets coming from other Webradio Directories, which are refreshed every 24h. additional they will be added as soon I have started recording a Stream.

How does it comes, that I find an URL there, which is a privat URL, in terms of - it was never published in the wild on any directory? let me say from my privat Server.

Second question :) . How can I ask for removal of this URL? It seem that the URL will show up on every new installation of StreamWriter.

Thank you very much for your support

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Hi Maars,

look here at "Community". Uncheck the first checkbox and streams will not be published to the server anymore.
When you want to remove an URL just post it here, write me a message using the board or write an email, I will do this:-).
LG/Best regards, Alex

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Hello Alex
Thank you for your response and the instructions. I send you a mail with all the URL's to delete.
have a nice day