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Stream writers song menu list has the option to show what file infortmaion you would like to see displayed.

The List is as Follows> Size / Length / Bitrate / Stream / Date

When I un-check Size and Date> The list disapears.

* But when I close Stream Writer and re-open my song list> the check-marks re-appear.

I've uninstalled / and Re-Installed Stream writer and this still occurs.

Is there a data log somewhere I can erase so it saves the unchecked- File info options?
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you cannot change this because streamWriter does not save these settings on exit and does not load these settings on start, so it will be in the default configuration everytime you launch streamWriter. I see that this is stupid and does not meet the regular users' expectations so I will fix it soon. This fix might appear in one of the next builds:-)

Edit: It was already saved and loaded, but the loaded settings were applied in a way it could not work. It's fixed in the newest build which will be available in some minutes.
LG/Best regards, Alex

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Great stuff> this app never stops!