george :D
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hi.. i do not know if this has been discussed before . I Accidentally brought the "received" tab too near to the "song's name" tab and i cannot move it back. I am having trouble in dragging the "Received" tab to right to see the recorded "song's name" tab again; when i do it nothing happens.
.. as in this picture
if i drag from the other line to left, it will drag all the tabs to left so still no joy. Maybe i have to reinstall streamwriter
Thank you.:D

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Hi, there is no problem, because you can't put it too near (and you haven't done it :D) I zoomed very close to your sreenshot and there are 2 little lines, you have to grap the left one.
(See attached file, it's your screenshot zoomed in :D)

Edit: It will start to move everything to the left, but then it will enlarge the title field ;)
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HostedDinner is right. Try changing the width of the columns next to the too-small-sized column, it should become visible again… adjusting the columns width feels strange sometimes. Maybe I will look after it when there's time.
If you can't fix it, use regedit.exe or edit streamwriter.ini when used in portable mode. When using regedit, the key with the relevant values is "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\streamWriter\Cols" - just delete this key ("Cols"). When using the ini file, there should be a section "[Cols]", just delete this section including it's values. Do this when streamWriter is not running, otherwise your changes will be overwritten when exiting streamWriter.
When starting streamWriter after editing the registry/ini, the columns should be alright…

LG/Best regards, Alex

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