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* Ok so here's another suggestion.

When you right click the mouse in stream~writer> You have a long drop down list of choices.

* Sometimes I do not use all the choices in the menu every time>I mostly use the DELETE option.

* So is there a way to have the DELETE option light up automatically when right clicking?

1. Right click.
2. Reverts to delete (*from my previous choice)

1. Right click
2. Recycle files.
3. Right click now reverts to recycle files until I chose a different option later.

This could speed up erasing some files from or when editing TRACKS!
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I don't know this behaviour from any other application so I won't build this. Also it is complex to modify the menu's logic so even if I wanted to I would not do it. To delete faster you could use the "Del" key or hit the Windows-menu-key or what it is called and then press one of the keys for the actions in the menu.
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