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Operating system: Windows 7 x64 sp1
streamwriter-buildnumber: build 364 AND

Description of problem (what was expected, what happened): Connection error when tuning/playing/recording a localhost http or mms server. streamwriter tries to reconnect for several times and then gives up. No mp3 file is generated at the output directory.

Steps needed to reproduce the problem:
1. Obtain a trial account at
2. Download and install XMTuner at
3. Launch XMTuner and login as a "Sirius" user with the username/password from step 1.
4. Record/play http://localhost:19081/streams/2/high
5. XMTuner Log has incoming stream request, but streamwriter just drops the connection and retry.
6. Using other media player or Internet radio station recorder (e.g. windows media player, and Screamer Radio), the link from step 4. can be successfully opened.

I really loved streamwriter. It records, identifies the song, and split them automatically. And more importantly, I can schedule the time for recording so I can record my favorite show.

SiriusXM is a satellite radio service in north America with great commercial free channels. Their Internet streams provides the same experience at home when having an antenna / skyview is impossible.

XMTuner skips through the awkward web-based SiriusXM Internet player and the hideous 90mins timeout.

It would be really great if streamwriter can support recording from a local http/mms music server. This way, I can record my favorite shows on SiriusXM through XMTuner and have them ready when I'm taking a really really long road trip. Thank you.;-)
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Oops, the link in step 4. should be "http://localhost:19081/streams/2/high" and you can replace the "/2/high" with, say "/51/high" if you wanna tune in channel 51 (my second favourite channel, all dance music)
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long question, short answer: This does not work because streamWriter supports only MP3/AAC streams. At the moment I am rewriting huge parts of the recording "engine", the next supported format will be OGG. After these changes streamWriter will be more flexible and support for WMA (I think that is what you are talking about) can be integrated. But don't wait for it, this can take some months….
LG/Best regards, Alex

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