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Coming to this program from RadioSure, it is really excellent. The main thing I miss is support for other streams, such as Windows Media, which is used by several of my favourites. I would love to see this added to MP3 & AAC as supported format (& any other common ones, too). If this is too difficult to implement for recording, then it would still be wonderful if a play option could be enabled for the other formats, to save having to swap between different programs. I can always record some other way (e.g. Audacity). Keep up the good work!
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Hi Rodney,

the ability to record other formats like wma/ogg is already in the issue tracker. The problem is that this requires many changes to the code because the broadcasting of mp3/aac works in a completely different way (I will leave out technical stuff here). I will do this when I have the time and there are no other things left to do. Because I have to rework the whole part where I receive and process data from streams, there is no real difference between recording and playing streams. Dont't wait for this feature, It could take several months… Sorry if this answer is not what you wanted to hear:-|


LG/Best regards, Alex

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