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I've been doing some tests on the recorded tracks using the latest build (thanks for the incomplete songs treatment!:) ) and the 2.0 version.
I noticed a pop noise in the beginning of the tracks (in the changes between tracks), similar to the one of microphones but more subtle.

I'm using these settings.

I used Winamp/foobar2000 for listening as well as help from my brother :D that's studying music at the conservatory. Most of the times the pop appears at the beginning, but some times doesn't happen at all. If I append any seconds to the buffer on start/end there's no noise.

I uploaded some recorded tracks, I notice the noise right after the first song has finished and the second starts playing.
The pass is: test

I'm not an audio specialist, so I'm not sure if is a bug or not…

Edit: It was the latest build…:-)

Thank you.


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Hi Marc,

I will check this, but don't expect any results before the end of the week. But it's on my list:-)

LG/Best regards, Alex

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Hi Alex,

That's ok, thank you;-)